Spinner Farm
192 Old County Road, Deering. NH 03244

Our Horses and More

Zippo's Ladies Man
27 Year old Reg.American Quarter Horse

Zip was Leslie's first horse, he is the "senior" horse who thinks he is a kid.  He is a great horse and has been a favorite of all who come to the farm.  He is good for a laugh but he still "feels his oats" after all these years.  He is pretty much bomb proof and always a happy horse.  Beginner safe. He goes English, Western - loves the "games" and hits the trails or the beach.  He is a veteran of the show circuits and Is available for on farm lease.  

Shamrock N' Doc
26 yr old Reg.Appendix Quarter Horse

Spike is another seasoned mount who loves to show.   He is the first to jump into the trailer to show or even go to the beach.   He is a great choice for many riders because he "does it all" . Beginner safe and available for on farm lease.

Miss T Juana Tejon
Reg. American Quarter Horse
available for on farm lease.

23 Yr Old  bay mare, she is very sweet and loving,  She has a coat that is "teddy bear" soft.  She has also taken Steve to many awards in the show ring including his championship buckle.  She is a great horse for all riding levels and is a great horse all around.  T is an awesome "caretaker" lesson horse, trail rides, beach rides.

This Miss Shines
American Quarter Horse
For Sale or Lease on Farm

Tejons Lil Dunit
American Quarter Horse

Lily is a gorgeous mare that was born on our farm as well, she is a daughter of CD and Tejons Peppy Doc. She is a beautiful, talented buckskin.. She is very brave and curious. 
12 year old  Buttermilk Buckskin Reg.AQHA
Available for  sale or on farm lease 

Sophie is finished in ShowManship, English and Western.  Quiet, sweet and willing.  Trail rides, Beach rides.  Advanced beginner. 14.3H

Tijuanas Wimpy
American Quarter Horse

Lucy currently is used in High School Equestrian team English and in hand events. She is a daughter of the famous reining sire "Wimpy's Little Step". 

Australian Cattle Dog

Molly was the old lady of the pack, she passed away peacefully at home on Valentine's Day 2012 and she will be greatly missed!  She was a great little dog and had a great life!

Australian Cattle Dog
Rosie is a very sweet, foxy  little dog. She helps with sheep herding and accompanies us on trail rides. 
Australian Cattle Dog
Dingo, otherwise known as "Princess Dingo" lives a great life sleeping on the bed and switching to the couch during the day.  She loves to run crazy circles all around and sleep with her daddy, Steve.
Australian Cattle Dog
Ruckus is a big goof ball, he loves attention and is one of the biggest lap dogs you will see.  Ruckus passed away of Lymphoma in December 2015.
Jack Russell Terrier

Cute fluffy barn cat

Sally has been gone for a year.  We still miss her.


Farlow passed away in December 2013.  He was 22 years old.

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